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cheap air jordans men As Deputy Ennis reached for the phone on the coffee table, he observed digital scales and what he believed to be plastic baggies containing Methamphetamine and Heroin. Due to this observation, Deputy Ennis stopped and backed out of the residence.A search warrant for the residence was requested and the investigation was turned over to ITF Detectives and the Spokane Regional Auto Theft Task Force. The search warrant was granted and later amended cheap jordans for sale to include cheap yeezys evidence of stolen property and identity theft.Detectives remained at the scene and seized a large amount of evidence. cheap air jordans men

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air jordan retro cheap In yet another example of tech giants protecting Big Pharma evil monopolies by censoring content that helps people heal, Facebook has banned advertising of an upcoming Alzheimer and Dementia summit.According to Facebook, offering educational videos for improved health is not a model that Facebook tolerates. Of course, promoting toxic pharmaceuticals and antidepressant drugs to children is perfectly acceptable to Facebook, Google, YouTube and other tech giants that are now almost entirely driven by Big Pharma profits. But teaching people how to avoid toxic prescription medications and protect their health using nutrition and healthy living is utterly disallowed.This is because the monopolistic tech giants have all thrown in with Big Pharma, and they are abusing and exploiting their positions of power to suppress public education about natural health and prevention air jordan retro cheap.

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