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Donald Trump on Obama

Clips From Last Night: speech; Whoopi Goldberg on. Donald Trump

Piers Morgan interviewed Donald Trump, Chuck Schumer canadian goose jacket and Whoopi Goldberg last night. Trump talked about Obama speech yesterday (as well as those claims). think it terrible for a lot of reasons, including canada goose uk shop the fact that you talking about big tax increases, said Trump.

Click to watch videoPiers is a pretentious Brit, playing a winning game. canada goose factory sale The American mind loves the British buy canada goose jacket cheap accent. His performances are great as he cheap canada goose uk is playing to people that have chosen Canada Goose Coats On Sale to forget that the US fought the Brits because of how they treated people. Now that the US is falling apart there is a sense of comradery between the US and the UK and the Tea Party goes on even if not the uk canada goose outlet same philosophical approach. Anything Canada Goose online that Piers ays is not questioned. I have no idea canada goose black friday sale why?

April 14, 2011 at 3:45 pm

When Piers Morgan asked Whoopi Goldberg about Donald Trump call for Hussein Obama to provide a full copy of his birth certificate, I canada goose coats on sale have to say that she definitely played the proverbial Race Card. Basically stating it was ludicrous to think that the president of the United States should have to answer to the people since no one could canada goose clearance reach that level without all of the appropriate checks etc. I think you are one of the worst interviewers ever. You too awestruck by your celebrities to ask anything worthwhile and insightful, instead, you like a giddy Canada Goose Canada Goose sale Jackets little school girl glowing with infatuation. Plus, you constantly interrupt your guests and canada goose don give them Canada Goose sale the opportunity to finish their current thought, before you off to the next topic. It really frustrating to witness it all because, as the Canada Goose Parka viewer, you canada goose store constantly left hanging. By the buy canada goose jacket way, that one question you asked Whoopi last night about if she had to choose the best 5 minutes of her life, shows you grasping at straws in trying to establish a rapport with your guests. I won goosesale be tuning in any canada goose coats longer.

April 14, 2011 at 4:11 pm

It is so amazing to me how Donald Trump can put so much fault about the Direction of this Country on the President not look at himself. How much wealth has he sewed to poor people that canada goose uk black friday need it how much time has he given help volunteer to Homeless Shelters. In stead of waisting so much money on GOlden rooms trying to run for President inwhich anyone with good sense uk canada goose would not vote for him, he needs to look at himself not clain bankruptcy anymore share alot more wealth to people that need it. There is Canada Goose Online nothing wrong with being rich but there is something wrong with being cheap Canada Goose greedy wasteful spending to Canada Goose Outlet gain popularity contest. GOD gave riches to you to trickle down to the poor unfortunate.

April 16, 2011 at 8:52 am

At one time Trump was respected as a good businessman but lately he seems to be taking a page from Charlie Sheen and going off the deep end. It must be very worriesome and embarassing for his family. He is probably canada goose clearance sale scared stiff that Pres. Obama gets re elected because then the cushy Bush tax cuts for the rich will be repealed and that will affect greedy moguls like himself. As long as the media props up folks like Trump, Bachmann, Palin and other similar candidates, then the Democrats are canada goose uk outlet just thrilled. Trump and others are sure giving a bad image to the Republican party.

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