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cheap jordans from china Two standouts:The World Beyond Your Head: On Becoming an Individual in an Age of Distraction, by Matthew B. Crawford. This is Crawford second book, and I recommend his first, Shop Class as Soulcraft, even more highly. This is modern philosophy, intense and grounded in the history and conventions of philosophy, but not unreadable if you patient. Crawford started working at a Washington think tank, and bailed for a more honest life as a vintage motorcycle mechanic. He walked away from wealth and “success” in favor of ethics and peace. His focus is on the intellectual and moral value of working at a craft, using your hands and your mind in concert to create and maintain things of lasting value. When you work with the physical world, you must shape yourself to the physical world, as much as you bend the physical world to your will. In this book, he talks less about the value of work, and more about the structure of society. It has some fairly extensive critique of the Enlightenment philosophy that molded American government and ethics, and pretty brutal takedowns of many of our institutions today, which he considers wrongheaded and actively interfering with a good life. The subject is how we analyze failures in very complex systems (such as airplane crashes, bridge collapses, etc). Such systems are built extremely carefully and at great cost, with extensive engineering for safety and reliability, and regulatory oversight. Yet sometimes, they fail anyway. Analyzing such failures can take years and is never (honestly) reduceable to some single sentence cause. Yet that what we try to do. Dekker argues that the reductionist approach of the scientific method, our entire way of doing rigorous thinking, is inadequate for complex systems, because there are too many interactions. Scientific method depends on reducing variables, and sometimes, variables can be reduced. Again, this is fascinating stuff that will really change how you think. cheap jordans from china

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cheap jordans for sale I would like to support the position of the previous commentator. Capitalism is a word which was made popular by Karl Marx. What he meant by it was the idea that in market economies unregulated markets would eventually self destruct into a giant depression. The word itself implies that markets are inconsistent with democracy: that in a market economy ultimately all power winds up in the hands of those who own the capital or businesses. Money is power, unregulated markets lead to the concentration of money and power in a small social class who rule over the rest of us. The ideas of John Stuart Mill on social democracy, Thorsten Veblen on regulation of financial markets and of course Keynes on business cycle theory were, along with those of various other economists, the basis for the policies of the new deal in America and the social market in europe. These policies which are related in many ways became the foundation for the middle class societies of North America and Europe after world war two. Unregulated international markets are undoing the effects of these great social reform movements. While unregulated international trade can increase efficiency it allows many ancient evils to return from slavery to massive financial fraud and environmental destruction. Sadly few economists today are willing to take on the challenge faced by Mill, Veblen and Keynes to make market economies moral just and humane. cheap jordans for sale

cheap jordans online I recognize that much of the estate work sorting and splitting, while complicated and tedious is in fact done. I have to remind myself that in 2008, I listened to my body both at work and at home, cutting back my hours even during tax season. I allowed my brain to be on fire when I needed it most, because I gave my body an extra hour of rest each night. I vow in 2009 to take a real vacation, not just patch a few days together here or there. I will relish in the fact that I still allow myself the luxury of a massage every two weeks. I will try to remember to clear my mind of the things that engulf it as my muscles and knots are kneaded and relaxed. I will remind myself that I like how I feel after I get on the tread mill in the morning, even for 15 minutes every few days on the mornings I awake before the crack of town. I will happily wait for air to thaw, to begin my neighborhood sojourns by foot, visiting my favorite stores en route. I will be grateful that I have a steady business, long term loyal clients. I will think before I spend money just to spend it. But I will not deny myself my shopping pleasures. I work hard and I still deserve to have nice things. I will listen to my body, especially as it continues to age, knowing that prevention and persistence do pay off. I will be grateful for my family and friends, my circle of love that supports me in times both good times and bad cheap jordans online.

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